Succumb To EntoDelish

Not just because it is delicious, which it is, and not just because it is a complete a protein that is low in fat, high in nutrients. Actually yes, do it just for those reasons. But do it knowing that what you are doing is saving the planet. Not a bad side effect right?

Discover Our Story

It started during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019. Meat companies were shutting down. Meat consumption was bad for the environment anyway and people knew it. It was also bad for people’s bodies. Everyone had already befome aware of the harm it was doing, but there wasn’t a widely accepted meat alternative yet. Well not in the US anyway. Then came EntoDelish.

cricket growing

Our Qualities

We go to great lengths to bring you a top quality product. We want out crickets be clean, healthy, and delicious. We feed them top quality ingredients that will enhance their flavor. Crickets are a complete protein and they are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. You will know you are protecting your health, because you will feel it.

100% Pure Nourishment

Crickets aren't just food. They are power food! Especially beneficial for general health and well-being.

You Will feel the difference

Try the cricket flour. You will love it. You will feel great. You will have more energy. You won't regret it.

Best Recipes

Don't take our word for it. Try them yourself at one of our sampling events.

Nutrient Packed Superfood

Cricket is truly what we call a “superfood” i.e. a nutrient-rich food with health-promoting properties.

Better for the Environment

Way better for the environment that other traditional protein sources. Help us save the planet while improving your health.


We are revolutionizing the process of cricket farming.

New Ento Merch

We wanted to offer a way for open minded, forward thinking, Ento food enthusiast to help further the cause. Our merch is a great conversation starter. Our merch has sparked up magical conversation that have led to wonderful relationships.  

Our Achievements

We are most proud of the awareness we have helped to foster in the United Stated. People are finally beginning to understand the positive change that can occur when moving away from the usual meats in favor of insects. Better health, greener planet, better life and better future for all.

What Our Clients Say

The first time I tasted Crickets, itcame in the form on a protein barn. It was a gift given to me by a close friend. Needless to say I was skeptical. I loved the flavor and couldn't believe it was much more healthy that the traditional fare. Perfection!
Anthony Wright
I was tricked into eating crickets by my son. The brownies looked delicious. I couldn't understand why everyone was chuckling. I've always been terrified of bugs. Now I was biting them back. The brownies were delicious and I was empowered!
Brittany Flannery
I started cooking with cricket flour when I learned that it was a superfood. There really can be no better protein source. I've always been health conscious and I care about the environment too. My heath nut ways are intermittent, but I still love eating bugs!
Nancy Green